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BIMAL d.d. Brčko is the one and only edible oil producer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it ranks as one of most modern oil factories in the region of South-eastern Europe. BIMAL's products are high-quality sunflower, soybean and rapeseed oil as well as lecithin used in food industry and protein meal for cattle food industry.

The BIMAL factory's advantageous location, in the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, as well as the direct link to the highway, railway and Brčko international port on the Sava River gives us excellent logistic opportunities. BIMAL's production capacities offer possibilities for supply of the entire South-eastern European market.

BIMAL factory compound includes:

•    the lines for stocking and processing of seeds (silo, drying plant, deseeding plant, press house, extraction plant);
•    the lines for processing of crude vegetable oils (refinery);
•    the lines for packaging of refined oils (bottling plant);
•    a large logistics center for stocking the goods from production program and other goods.

 Oil production

Our fine oils are result of a careful production process using highest quality sunflower, soybean and rapeseed.

The production process includes:

Preparation and placement of seeds in production (seeds admission, weighing, drying, storing and issuing seeds in production);
Pressing oil from seeds (peeling and grinding the seeds, pressing the seeds and filtering the resulting oil);
Oil extraction (oil extraction with an organic solvent, distillation of hexane from the oil, absorption / removal of residual hexanes, degumming of crude oil);
Refining of edible oils, comprising the following stages:

•    Degumming - removal of mucous substances from oil
•    Neutralization - Removal of-free fatty acids, which cause spoilage of oil,
•    Bleaching - removal of pigments and obtaining the signature golden color of the oil,
•    Winterization - removing wax from oil,
•    Deodorization - the final step in oil refining in which undesirable substances that negatively affect the taste and smell of oil are removed at high temperatures (220-230 ° C) and in a high vacuum environment.


BIMAL's silo has the volume of 66.000 m3 and capacity of 35.000 tons of seed, i.e. 45000 tons of rapeseed and soy seeds. With its impressive height of 65 meters, the tower of BIMAL's silois a testament to BIMAL's significance as one of the most important driving forces behind the agricultural production in the region.

 Bottling plant

BIMAL's bottling plants are fully automated and equipped with cutting-edge glass-blowing technology, fully electronically controlled bottling, labelling and packaging processes. The production process is under permanent supervision of our Quality Control Department.

BIMAL packages its edible oil final products in PET packagings of  1, 2, 5 and 10 liters as well as 0,5, 0, 75 and 1 litre glass bottles. We supply our industrial clients with oil packaged in 1000-liter pallet containers, 22 t capacity flex tanks or provide a direct delivery in tank trucks.

 Logistics center

With the increase in oil production we have also expanded our storage space. Opened for business operations in early 2012, the new warehouse for finished products was added to the existing warehouse and created a unit Logistics Center intended for storage, branding and shipping of finished products..

Storage area is 5900 m2 with the capacity for 3500 pallets for edible oil. The new Logistics Center also houses a gallery of more than 500 m2 for product commissioning.

Our factory's central location gives us an excellent opportunity for a fast and efficient delivery of our goods to our customers. BIMAL has its own industrial railroad system; the factory is located in the immediate vicinity of the highway, with a direct access to the Sava River and the International Port of Brčko, which ensures our access to the most important European waterways.

Quality control

BIMAL primarily aspires to establish the highest standards of production in order to prevent errors in any production stage from the very outset. To that end, BIMAL has developed and documented its quality system in accordance with the standard series ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, IFS (International Food Standard) and ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification). The goal behind establishment of the quality system is to set in place, document, control and ensure a constant improvement of the production process, whose principal objective is to guarantee the highest possible quality of our products in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.

From the very takeover of raw materials all the way through to the bottling process, every step of the production is monitored and documented. All final products undergo analytical measuring tests. Most importantly, our products are subjected to organoleptic tests i.e. sensory tests by our Quality Control Department in order to achieve a desired aroma, taste and appearance.
A team of highly educated and trained quality control experts ensures that the adopted systems are put into practice and that the production process is constantly improved.