Company history

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 The only edible oil factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina - BIMAL was designed in the Island of Vis back in 1943; its construction began in 1947 as a soybean processing plant.

BIMAL factory was opened in 1951 and until 1992 it continually marketed sunflower, soybean and rapeseed products in the market of the former Yugoslavia.

Due to the war and difficult post-war time period, BIMAL ceased its business operations. In 2002, it becomes the first privatized enterprise in the Brčko District ever.

Austrian company Seed Oil Holdings GmbH, with its seat in Vienna, which had previously merged business interests of the leading producer of oils and fats in Austria with those of the international group of distribution companies in Southeastern Europe, has decided to take on the challenge to fully modernize BIMAL and reopen it for business. The new owner arrived with more than a decade of experience in management of a modern oils and fats production company and years of experience in international trade and distribution of goods.

After more than a year or building, reconstruction and hefty investments, the company started its production in the autumn of 2003. Today, BIMAL can be ranked among internationally profiled companies, equipped with cutting-edge technology for production of top grade edible oils. The production lines with fully automated controls, purchased from the leading western European suppliers have fully modernized the production.

BIMAL is today ranked among the most elite producers of edible oil in the region steadily conquering the market with its sunflower, soybean and rapeseed products.