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Dear Customer,

It is our pleasure to introduce you in this online presentation to the achievements in the development of top-quality edible oils in the one and only edible oil factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina - BIMAL d.d. in Brčko.

Internet did not even exist at the time when the "old" BIMAL last refined oilseeds and produced oil, which is a good illustration of the changes that have taken place during the last 20 years or so, and it shows what a challenge it was and what endeavor it took to restore and place on the market a factory which was non-operational for 12 years, forgotten in the market, possessed no capital or human resources, possessed no contemporary technology or brands and literally overgrown with grass and weeds.

In the last 12 years, BIMAL has returned to the market in Bosnia-Herzegovina,  having created a sunflower oil premium brand "BIMAL – The Sun in Your Kitchen “. The company has embarked on expansion of export, developed agriculture and farming of oilseeds in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, thus becoming one of the leading edible oil producers in the region with strong market positions in the European Union. Right now, BIMAL is entering its next great stage of development that will comprise expansion of its products’ range and market capacity, including acquisitions and investments in the wider region. BIMAL’s further development is marked by the establishment of regional group of companies with BIMAL, an investor and driving engine behind the BIMAL Group of Companies, in its centre.

We would like to point out that we have set three postulates which we strictly adhere to and which will ALWAYS remain the guiding star of BIMAL’s future work and development:

1.    Quality without compromise, our oil has to be one of the top-grade quality oils ever.
2.    Fair market behavior, high regard for our business partners and exclusive competition.
3.    We develop BIMAL’s production and market position with an optimistic outlook and with a conviction that a top-grade quality product from Bosnia and Herzegovina i.e. edible oil, can find its place in both regional and European market.

We believe that you will find our interactive web site (www.bimaldd.com) interesting. We would also like to invite you, either as our customer or as a person of good will, to take part in the development and achievement of economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina now, when it is most needed.


Deputy CEO

Ilija Studen

Mitja Kovačič

BIMAL d.d. Brčko