Refined Oil In Bulk

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 BIMAL delivers its refined edible oil to industrial and other large customers in pallet containers, tank trucks and flexi tanks.

Pallet container

BIMAL uses special, cost-effective and above all practical IBC plastic pallet containers of 1,000 liters.

The containers are easy for handling and carrying with fork lifters. Each container has a built-in valve that permits an easy and untroubled flow of the oil.
Pallete containers are used for liquid and semi fluid solely in the food industry. They are appropriate for repeated usage and will be returned after use to BIMAL for cleaning and new usage.

Tank trucks

To its industrial customers BIMAL also offers the possibility of delivering edible vegetable and sunflower oil directly by tank trucks of 25 tons.
We use the tanks designed exclusively for the transportation of food products to deliver edible oil that meets identical stringent quality requirements as well as oil packed a wide variety of packaging.

Flexi tanks
BIMAL transportation options also include the transportation of edible oil in flexi tanks (integrated in a standard shipping container of 20") with volume of 22.3 tons which is in this manner transported to the nearest port by rail or road.